The reasons I am turning in my blog late this week

The reasons I am turning in my blog late this week


  1. The dog ate my computer…
  2. I was abducted by aliens yesterday. They showed me all of the wonders of the galaxy, and I just couldn’t find the time to write a blog.
  3. I was too busy watching YouTube videos all night! They don’t just watch themselves you know!
  4. My new apartment is haunted. This grey lady did NOT like that I was doing blogging instead of being scared.
  5. I left my computer in my other bag!
  6. A tornado sucked my computer right out of my apartment. It was the strangest thing!
  7. My mom forgot to write my blog for me yesterday…
  8. I left my computer in the back of a pickup truck, and then it went through the car wash.
  9. I suddenly came down with a case of being unable to type any words!
  10. First full week of school has got me stressed, exhilarated, exhausted, drained, and homesick. I’m taking some nights to myself. Haven’t even been writing!

Happy September!


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