Why I Think Game of Thrones Would Make an Interesting Musical

Why I Think Game of Thrones Would Make an Interesting Musical

Here me out! I think Game of Thrones would be an amazing musical (I might be going through Game of Thrones withdrawal). I know that all of the Game of Thrones musicals out there are parodies, and there are WAAAAAAY too many movie-based musicals out there now, but I think Game of Thrones, particularly the first book/series, could potentially soar above the rest (with the right writers, of course). Here’s why:

1) The drama – The plot in Game of Thrones twists and turns. It has sword fights and love stories. Betrayal and alliances. A powerful soundtrack could pump up the drama to the max. I can’t even decide which character would have the 11 o clock number.

2) The throne itself – Okay, so not JUST the throne. I’m talking about the set. Game of Thrones is set in a magnificent universe all its own. Can you imagine what a great set designer could do with it?

3) The costumes – I love seeing the costumes on screen. How about on stage? There are so many costume designers that positively take my breath away with their works on Broadway. And it’s been so long since I’ve seen a costumed musical of this proportion. They use Ikea rugs on the show. Let’s see the costume designers on Broadway take it up a notch.

4) The theatricality – I get chills thinking of what Broadway designers could do with special effects. Fire and ice? Giant dragon puppets? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen special effects on Broadway that have taken me by surprise. Game of Thrones would be the perfect vehicle.

5) The star-making potential – What Broadway veteran could they get to take on Ned Stark? What ingenue should be Khaleesi? What Broadway brooder could handle Jon Snow’s angst? I’m telling you, these roles are ones that actors would love to play. And Broadway has some of the best actors and actresses in the world.