Co-authoring has always intrigued me.  There aren’t many novels out there with multiple authors.  In fact, I can only remember reading a few (Peter and the Starcatcher by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan).  Writing can seem like such a solitary pursuit, but for me, it’s always been the opposite.  Writing with friends is what got me into writing in the first place. I started writing, really writing, with my friend Megan when we were teenagers.  I don’t know why.  I think I was jealous that she had written something with another friend.  We liked to goofRead More →

I love historical movies.  Good or bad.  If there’s a period costume, I’m there. Unfortunately, I was a history major in college.  Which makes me a history buff.  Which makes me pick apart those movies I love. For example, I am currently watching The Other Boleyn Girl for the first time since I read the book.  And it’s not a faithful adaptation of the book (nor was the book entirely faithful to real life events), but the thing that drives me the most crazy?  Not the bad accents or the cheesiness.  No.  WHY ISN’T HENRY’S HAIR RED? Yes, that is what is bothering me. It’sRead More →

Oscar season!  My favorite season of the year!  I’m a total movie buff, and every year, I make an effort to watch all of the movies nominated in the “big” categories.  (One year, I watched every single movie nominated for an Oscar, which was exhausting.  So I set my sights a little lower.)  Then, I make my predictions and choose who it is that I would vote for.  (Typically a good deal different than the actual outcome.) This year, I want to share my thoughts and predictions with you.  I know there’s been a lot of controversy this year, but I am not going toRead More →

Hey all!  I wanted to take a minute to tell you all about a new blog.  One of my best friends in the world writes it, and you should all check it out because it is exactly what I’ve envisioned this blog being (and failed at!) except funnier.  It’s really great to read, especially if you’re a young adult in the world, trying to figure it all out. I know it’s on another site, but check it out anyway!  Read More →

I was in the 9th grade.  In my reading class, we had to choose a classic book to read and do a presentation on.  Any classic book.  The year before, I had read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn for this assignment.  One friend was going to try to read Les Miserables.  Another would be reading 1984.  But I was lost. So I went to my teacher for guidance.  To this day, I don’t understand how she knew me so well.  Yes, it was her second year as my teacher.  Yes, I had her for a very small class.  But how did she know so perfectlyRead More →

I’ve now seen all 8 films nominated for Best Picture.  I’m kind of a film buff.  Usually, I have one movie that I latch on to, that I root for in almost every category.  This year, not so much.  But I did enjoy most of the movies.  Here are my “in a nutshell” thoughts on the Best Picture nominees, in order from my favorite to least favorite. Room – A heartbreaking film and a breathtaking adaptation of the novel.  The performances of the two leads (Jacob Tremblay and Brie Larson) were outstanding. Spotlight – I am a bit of a dialogue nerd, and I thoughtRead More →

Do you ever reread your favorite books? Do you ever reread your favorite books A LOT? I’m currently reading Sarah J. Maas’s Throne of Glass series for the first time (it’s quite good, by the way), but I keep thinking about all of the books I want to reread right now.  Pride and Prejudice.  The Royal We.  The Help.  I’ve read them all before.  In a few cases, I have read them several times.  But I’m just in the mood to revisit my favorite characters again. My mother thinks I’m crazy.  She reads a book once and she’s done.  Maybe I am crazy.  My to-readRead More →