There isn’t much to talk about today.  Things have been crazy during preparations for Thanksgiving (my very favorite holiday!) and trying to get caught up on my NaNoWriMo writing. But finally, FINALLY, I did it.  I hit my 50,000. 50,012 to be exact. There’s a bit more that I want to write before I officially put in to “win” NaNoWriMo, but I’m almost there. Even just seeing the 50,000 is one of the best motivations I know. I’m a little nervous about finishing it, but I am even more nervous about revising it. I’ve always been absolutely terrible at revisions. It’s hard for me toRead More →

I wish there were 25, 30 hours in a day.  This past week I have been stressing myself out over everything I have to do, everything that needs to be done, and everything that I want to do. At work, there is reams of paperwork to do, plus essays and projects to grade, plus lesson-planning to accomplish.  All this on top of actually, you know, teaching.  And interacting with the students and my colleagues. When I get home, there is an apartment to clean (who knew I would be such a neat freak before I moved into my own place?), books to read, writing toRead More →

There are always stories in my head.  In fact, there are often more stories than I can keep track of most of the time.  I’ve loved writing since I was a little kid with my nose stuck in my first chapter book.  I’ve always written for fun, and I love it. Unfortunately, I also love my day job.  I’m a teacher, and as crazy and hectic as it can be, I love it.  I love the kids and the struggles and the chaos.  I love being that completely nerdy teacher that my students roll their eyes about. But here is the problem.  Teaching and writingRead More →

Okay. I’m here.  Here I am. I’ve been writing since I was 12 years old.  I mean, I wasn’t any good back then.  They almost put me in a remedial writing class.  But I liked creating stories.  I wrote stupid “plays” for my seventh-grade class and stupid Friends fanfiction.  (Oh yes, I did.) It took a lot of practice (over half my life at this point) and a lot of dabbling in a lot of genres, but I’d like to think I’ve improved a bit.  Even if I haven’t, I still love creating and writing stories.  And I’m at a point in my life whereRead More →