Let me preface this by saying that I am an adult. (Sometimes.) I’ve had full-time jobs, and I have lived in my own apartment. The apartment, however, was five minutes from where I grew up. I like where I grew up, so this was not a problem for me. And though I went away to college two hours away from where I grew up, I’ve never actually LIVED any distance from home. College is completely isolated and different. In three weeks, that is changing. I am moving an hour and a half for my new job. And I am scared (good scared, I think, butRead More →

I’m finally revising my novel. This is a pretty big deal because the only thing I have EVER revised is a story I have been writing with a friend. And even that is just checking for continuity. This time, though, I am trying my hand at actual revision. Ugh, it’s hard. I mean, not to sound whiny or anything (my last few entries have been incredibly whiny), but it’s sooooo hard. I thought I could get it done in a month, but with the amount of mental energy it’s taking, it’s going to be so much longer. I’ve never ever been good at the revising.Read More →

A list by Elizabeth Doherty Suddenly you need tons of sleep.  Remember when you could stay up until the early morning hours and be (mostly) fine?  Not me, not anymore.  More often than not, if I am not sleeping, I am thinking about sleeping.  And the sleep I get?  Never enough.  I want to sleep all of the time. The increasingly short time in the day.  Where do all of the hours go?  Between work, socializing with friends and family, reading,  exercising, binge watching Netflix?  There is no time.  No time to sit and be me.  How am I supposed to get anything done?! MetabolismRead More →

I feel like I am losing my mind.  (Maybe it’s just because I’m exhausted.  Are Tuesdays more exhausting for anyone else than Mondays?) I was driving home from work yesterday and opened my water bottle thinking, “Man, if I spilled this right now, it would go all over my lap and make it look like I peed myself.”  I then proceeded to do just that. I planned my WHOLE WEEKEND around grading the 150 essays that I need to grade for work.  What did I leave at work?  All of the essays.  And the folders I had to organize.  Who doesn’t have a key toRead More →

I wish there were 25, 30 hours in a day.  This past week I have been stressing myself out over everything I have to do, everything that needs to be done, and everything that I want to do. At work, there is reams of paperwork to do, plus essays and projects to grade, plus lesson-planning to accomplish.  All this on top of actually, you know, teaching.  And interacting with the students and my colleagues. When I get home, there is an apartment to clean (who knew I would be such a neat freak before I moved into my own place?), books to read, writing toRead More →