With the release of Jackie coming up (and the hopes that I am going to post my story about a First Lady to Wattpad soon), this history nerd is rating her favorite First Ladies of all time.  I’ve been actively reading everything that I can get my hands on about the First Ladies since I was about nine years old. I think it’s fascinating, these women who have so much quiet power while standing behind their husbands. I like to look at what they accomplished, how they lived their lives. A lot of them really were extraordinary women.Read More →

‘Tis the season!  Time for hot chocolate and holiday songs (no hot chocolate here, too warm, though we had several snow days last week). I’m one of those purists that refuses to listen Christmas songs until Thanksgiving has passed. Now, I’m listening to it constantly while I’m decorating. This year, my song of choice has been “Baby It’s Cold Outside” (probably not least because it’s used in my current work-in-progress novel). I never really liked the song til recently. It’s overdone with just a hint of creepy. But how can I resist something so catchy and 40s-sounding?  Plus, as I found out while researching thisRead More →

Every person I talked to told me that it is key for authors to start a blog. And more than that, it is key for authors to have a blog with a BRAND. A reason for people to keep coming back for more. I’ve been searching for my brand for years now.  Every time I think I’ve found it, I figure out something else I want to blog about. So far, my brand is: lists. Not even good lists. Silly lists. Stupid lists. Maybe I do need to find a bran to stick to. I’m not sure yet. But I’ve been thinking about it aRead More →

  I really like Halloween.  When I was a kid, I didn’t like candy, but I loved getting dressed up and trick-or-treating.  I love the costumes and the details.  However, I am not a fan of Halloween movies.  Everyone I know has one (or in the case of my brother, tons) of Halloween movies that they can watch again and again.  With the exception of Young Frankenstein, I’ve never really had a Halloween movie.  So today I am writing about alternative Halloween movies.  Movies that showcase some kind of change, but without the Halloween aspect.Read More →

Beer Me Up Scottie – Yes, I’m a nerd. Spellcheck is My Enema – Yes, I’m a nerd who loves puns. Ale to the Chief – And a presidential nerd. Stephen Hawking’s School of Dance – I might be an awful person too. Brew’s On First – Can you really go wrong with beer meets Abbott and Costello? The Beer Necessities – Okay, my dad is REALLY good at punny team names. Trump/Palin 2016 – Because SOMEONE has to bring up my worst nightmare. Anne Frank’s Hide and Seek – Again, I am a terrible person. We’re Not Ashamed of What I Did for aRead More →

  I’ve participated in (and won) NaNoWriMo four times.  In fact, I’m working on self-publishing one of those novels right now.  The past two NaNos, I’ve been working a full-time teaching job while trying to complete the challenge.  It is stressful and crazy and hard, but it’s also one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.  Below the cut is my advice to anyone wanting to be a NaNoWriMo superstar while working a full-time job.Read More →