When I started this site, I told myself that I was going to be active.  I want to meet and interact with other authors.  And I want to get advice for my own stuff.  I was going to be so good about it.  It was going to be great. Then real life happened. It’s the end of the school year for my students.  In fact, they start their final tomorrow.  In an ordinary year, this would be hectic anyway, what with final grades and students needing to study and the fact that our school has NO AC (humidity and I are NOT friends). BUT.  IRead More →

When I started this thing, I told myself that I was going to stay active with it, that I was going to post several times a week.  And I was really excited about it. But then real life happened. I’m a teacher, which is great.  Except that teaching jobs are hard to come by in this neck of the woods.  I’ve actually been searching for a full time job for five years now.  I’ve had part time teaching jobs, and long term sub jobs, but nothing that stick.  And so now, I am teaching full time in a job that is ending in a coupleRead More →