Working with kids is not easy.  I can’t tell you how much it drains me, especially at my summer job, where I work with much younger kids than I do on the regular.  So often I have come home from work and just wanted to pass out that I haven’t been able to write.  In fact, it hurts my eyes to read or look at anything.  It’s a taxing job.  But there are great moments: making kids laugh, and getting hugs, and getting silly little gifts on your birthday. Then again, there can be some… interesting moments when it comes to working with kids.  EspeciallyRead More →

I thought about writing a post about the awful week I’ve had.  Between grown-up decisions and research and dealing with crazy parents at the summer job, I needed to vent.  But a part of me doesn’t want to dwell.  It’s over and done.  And good things are happening. So.  Instead of venting, I present to you: Reasons I love summer (in no particular order) Ice cream Sun Warm days (although the northeast gets a little humid for me) Blockbuster movies (here I come Ant Man) More time to read More time to exercise (when I can drag myself) Hamburgers Patio dining Ice cream (yes, again)Read More →

Do you ever envision your life in the movies? I don’t mean picturing you yourself in the movies, starring alongside Johnny Depp or Halle Berry or whatever.  But more, do you picture yourself as one of the characters in the movie that you’re watching?  Do you imagine what your life would be like if you were that character?  Because I do. And I sound totally pathetic. But hear me out.  As a teacher (who loves her job) slash summer camp counselor (maybe not so much) with no significant other and not much of a social life, there comes times when I like to lose myselfRead More →

When I was little, I used to pride myself on not being emotional.  “I’ve never cried during a movie,” I thought.  “Except for Titanic.”  But who could blame me there, really?  She had to let go! When I was a little bit older, I wondered if that was right.  My friends cried over movies, over music, over breakups.  They would sit around crying with each other over how terrible life was (we were teenagers, after all), while I would leave the room.  I had a privileged life, not a whole lot of hardship, but even when tough or sad things happened to me, like myRead More →

I got offered a job!  A real, live, actual teaching job. Well, kind of.  A year-long, long-term.  At my old high school.  Which means that all of my old teachers will now be my coworkers. Okay, so it will be a little weird.  And super awkward.  But I honestly don’t mind.  I’m shy and doubt I’ll talk to a lot of them, or make a lot of friends that I would hang out with on weekends.  I’ll ignore all of the drama I’ve heard about.  I will look on the bright side.  I will put my nerves aside and be a great teacher. But IRead More →

When I started this site, I told myself that I was going to be active.  I want to meet and interact with other authors.  And I want to get advice for my own stuff.  I was going to be so good about it.  It was going to be great. Then real life happened. It’s the end of the school year for my students.  In fact, they start their final tomorrow.  In an ordinary year, this would be hectic anyway, what with final grades and students needing to study and the fact that our school has NO AC (humidity and I are NOT friends). BUT.  IRead More →

When I started this thing, I told myself that I was going to stay active with it, that I was going to post several times a week.  And I was really excited about it. But then real life happened. I’m a teacher, which is great.  Except that teaching jobs are hard to come by in this neck of the woods.  I’ve actually been searching for a full time job for five years now.  I’ve had part time teaching jobs, and long term sub jobs, but nothing that stick.  And so now, I am teaching full time in a job that is ending in a coupleRead More →

There are always stories in my head.  In fact, there are often more stories than I can keep track of most of the time.  I’ve loved writing since I was a little kid with my nose stuck in my first chapter book.  I’ve always written for fun, and I love it. Unfortunately, I also love my day job.  I’m a teacher, and as crazy and hectic as it can be, I love it.  I love the kids and the struggles and the chaos.  I love being that completely nerdy teacher that my students roll their eyes about. But here is the problem.  Teaching and writingRead More →

Okay. I’m here.  Here I am. I’ve been writing since I was 12 years old.  I mean, I wasn’t any good back then.  They almost put me in a remedial writing class.  But I liked creating stories.  I wrote stupid “plays” for my seventh-grade class and stupid Friends fanfiction.  (Oh yes, I did.) It took a lot of practice (over half my life at this point) and a lot of dabbling in a lot of genres, but I’d like to think I’ve improved a bit.  Even if I haven’t, I still love creating and writing stories.  And I’m at a point in my life whereRead More →