If you don’t know, I am a history teacher by day. In order to be an effective history teacher, I think, you have to be a complete history nerd. You have to find history so exciting that you want to share it with others. And I do. I LOVE history. Recently, I have figured out that I love researching powerful families, monarchs and influential people. I like their quirks and their flaws. I like examining who the people in the family were underneath it all. And so, without further ado, I present to you some of my favorite historical families of power.Read More →

With the release of Jackie coming up (and the hopes that I am going to post my story about a First Lady to Wattpad soon), this history nerd is rating her favorite First Ladies of all time.  I’ve been actively reading everything that I can get my hands on about the First Ladies since I was about nine years old. I think it’s fascinating, these women who have so much quiet power while standing behind their husbands. I like to look at what they accomplished, how they lived their lives. A lot of them really were extraordinary women.Read More →

I love historical movies.  Good or bad.  If there’s a period costume, I’m there. Unfortunately, I was a history major in college.  Which makes me a history buff.  Which makes me pick apart those movies I love. For example, I am currently watching The Other Boleyn Girl for the first time since I read the book.  And it’s not a faithful adaptation of the book (nor was the book entirely faithful to real life events), but the thing that drives me the most crazy?  Not the bad accents or the cheesiness.  No.  WHY ISN’T HENRY’S HAIR RED? Yes, that is what is bothering me. It’sRead More →