Every person I talked to told me that it is key for authors to start a blog. And more than that, it is key for authors to have a blog with a BRAND. A reason for people to keep coming back for more. I’ve been searching for my brand for years now.  Every time I think I’ve found it, I figure out something else I want to blog about. So far, my brand is: lists. Not even good lists. Silly lists. Stupid lists. Maybe I do need to find a bran to stick to. I’m not sure yet. But I’ve been thinking about it aRead More →

According to an amateur writer, anyway. Remember your limits. If you’re like me, someone fidgety and and busy (I’m a teacher, I just moved, and I like spending time with my family), then sometimes you have a hard time finding the time to write. Sometimes, the other parts of your brain take over the part that is supposed to be creative. Sometimes you’re writing. If this sounds like you, don’t tell yourself you’re going to write 5,000 a day. You’re allowed to have a life. Go and live it! (It’s ultimately going to be a huge help in your writing.) Set your daily goal onRead More →

There are days (usually when I’m having a bad or tiring day) that I find updating my blog to be tedious. Do you ever get that way? I’d rather be reading or writing or rewatching Game of Thrones for the 3rd time.  But I’ve committed to this blog, and I’m not one to give up on commitment.  Maybe I just need a little incentive. So without further ado, I’ve come up with my personal dream blogging incentives.Read More →

Okay, so I am currently working on my fourth novel (and am hoping to publish the second soon), so I thought we’d play a game. Based on my three favorite songs on my writing playlist for this novel, what specific genre do you think my WIP falls under? Better Place by Rachel Platten – Simple and sweet. It’s enough to put me in a happy mood without being too much for me to focus on while I’m writing. Not Today by Imagine Dragons – I pick up songs from movies all the time. I’ve always been a fan of Imagine Dragons, and this is aRead More →

  Carving Out a Plot – Okay so.  Maybe it’s just me.  I get a brilliant idea, and what I think is a great plot and then I sit down to actually plan, to actually write.  And I slam into a brick wall.  “Well, how is that going to work?”  “How am I going to get to that part?”  “Who the heck is going to actually want to read this?”  I get stuck, and I can’t move. Naming Characters – Yes, I have name generators.  I USE them all the time.  But have you ever struggled to find the PERFECT name?  Name generators are great,Read More →

Here’s a break from your regularly scheduled blogging for you… I don’t check into this site as much as I should, but with summer break on the horizon, I want to turn that around. So what blogs should I follow?  What blogs should I read?  I love books, teaching, writing, pop culture, movies, Broadway, adulthood struggles… You name it. Tell me what to check out.  Comment here.  Promote yourselves if you want to.  Why should I check out your blog?  I want to!  Here’s me breaking out of my shell.Read More →